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Monday, 18 June 2018

Organic Products are sold at high price. Why?

Organic Products

Factors which determine price of organic products

1. Organic products are healthy products. In urban areas we can see that these are demanded highly by richer section of society due to their health consciousness.

2. Supply of organic products is less than demand. As we know that when demand is greater than supply, price rises.

We can see suppliers of organic products to find their customers who are rich because supplier know that only such class can afford higher price. Supplier wants to take much advantage of the situation to earn maximum profit.

Organic products are demanded only because of its benefits to health. Unfortunately , not all section of society are awared for health today. Some have not enough time and some have time but not money. Both time and money are essential to keep us healthy in contemporary world.

Hence, it has been found that organic products are demanded by richer section in society and therefore sold at higher prices.

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