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Friday, 6 July 2018

Automated Cars. A new trend. Fresh case study of law of demand .ppt

A new trend in India is going up for automated Cars. Demand for automated Cars in India is increasing. Many factors are responsible for this increasing demand i.e congested roads, technology improvement, change in taste etc. Automated Cars are gearless and clutch less. According to the survey, share of automated Cars in India was less than 5℅ before three years. Specialists says that in next five years share of automated Cars may be 40%. Share of automatics in China is 40℅ while in US, Japan and Korea is higher as 80-90℅. Data shows that this gap is increasingly filled with rapid pace of growth. Increasing bookings in India for automated Cars show that trend is going up.

Reasons for increasing demand for automated cars

  1. Congested roads in cities.
  2. Improved technology.
  3. Income of the people. Only rich people can afford.
  4. People who are not expert with gear and clutches prefer automated cars.
  5. People who do not want to hire drivers and to pay.
There may be other factors which may be responsible.

Download presentation as case study on Automated Cars.ppt

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